Welcome to my poetry site

Thanks for having a peak!

Ever since I was a teen, reading war poetry that tore my soul wide open, I’ve been in awe of the ability to paint immense pictures and emotions with words.

Poetry helped me through some hard times as a youth. It was self-expression but it also allowed me to connect deeply with empathy and compassion and attempts to walk in, or more accurately feel another’s shoes.

My writing is rarely sweet and light but raw and brushed with severe hurt, exploring the thoughts tempering the darker recesses of our minds which we are taught all too often to not say out loud. I write as both victim and perpetrator of hurts and explore human emotions in all its beautiful facets. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Hope and beauty pepper everything in life so there’s still a little of that here.

Please don’t take all the words at face value or as an encouragement to act a certain way, to do harm to yourself or others. I am only exploring emotion, motives, and thoughts and expressing an understanding of how minds can be pushed to such places and what may happen in those dark moments in our minds.

These poems are not about actions or doing. They are about feeling. To have dark thoughts is nothing to be judged and thinking something is not the same as doing it. So with that said. I hope you find something here that resonates with you. Click ‘Home’ or ‘Poem’ to have a rummage.

If not that is perfectly OK, pop back to the food and travel section and let your eyes feast there instead.

It’s a little scary to share something so personal but here’s to love, acceptance and feeling deeply x

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